The combined experience of Les, Craig, Arlen, and their growing team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to RB Engineering Ltd. Our combined portfolio includes over 4,000 projects in various project types including:


  • Resorts, Hotels
  • Restaurants, Pubs
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses, Mini Storage
  • Retail
  • Cannabis Grow, Processing, and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Recreational Centres, Ice Rinks, Pools


  • Multi-family
  • Strata Subdivisions
  • Mobile Home Parks

Institutional facilities

  • Schools
  • Hospitals, Extended Care Facilities
  • Churches
  • Fire Stations


  • Facilities (Offices, Works Yard, Transportation)
  • Water PRVs, Wells, Reservoirs, Booster Stations, and Treatment Systems
  • Waste Water Lift Stations and Treatment Plants


  • Marine Ports and Container Facilities
  • Traffic Signals, Street lighting

Power Generation and Distribution

  • Prime and Backup Power Generators
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Underground and Overhead Power Distribution Systems